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To All Our Grant Partners, Funding Colleagues, and Allies

We have been thinking about everyone working to promote a vision of the future that is just, sustainable, and peaceful over the past few days. We want to communicate our admiration for the strength, fortitude, courage, conviction, and love that fuels you and your work. We know that a deep passion keeps you working for a more resilient, regenerative, just, and peaceful future.

The recent US election indicates that your work will face barriers and challenges in the coming months and years that will make this vision more difficult to achieve, and we just want you to know that we stand with you as you move forward.

We embarked on our current priorities in transformative leadership and courageous storytelling because we deeply believe that this work holds the potential for global transformation. We know you have the flexibility and creativity to adapt your work to any context, and we continue to support you in doing just that.

Over the months to come, we will look forward to being in conversation about how we can all best internalize the lessons of this election season and retool our priorities as necessary to build a strategic agenda that responds to the new US political context. We hope to be a strong partner for you in whatever will come next.

Thank you for everything you do.

Holding you all in respect and admiration,

The Board and Staff of the Compton Foundation

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