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Working Films

© Héctor Vaca

Working Films uses documentary films to advance social justice and environmental protection. Its theory of change centers on the unique ability of documentaries to demonstrate complexity, illuminate the intersections between people and issues, and catalyze meaningful action for an equitable future. Working Films works with advocates to curate collections of short films and put them to work through screening tours in places where there is tipping point potential for policy and regulatory change, where there is a need to reach beyond “the choir,” and where there is the potential to create a replicable model. Its film collections, Stories Beyond Borders and Revisioning Recovery, are aimed at shifting dominant narratives about immigration and climate disaster. Working Films is partnering with the School of Good Citizenship leading up to the Republican National Convention to share its latest collections and offer training in its methodology for organizers and filmmakers.

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2020General Support$25,000
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