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Sundance Institute

© Jennifer Fairchild

The Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program (DFP) supports nonfiction filmmakers worldwide in the production of cinematic nonfiction on contemporary themes. Established in 2002, the Program serves as a vibrant, global resource for independent nonfiction storytelling, supporting filmmakers year-round through a granting fund, residential Labs, custom Fellowships, and creative and strategic mentorship. DFP focuses on three, guiding pillars: ART (investing not just in groundbreaking documentary works but also in artists and the development of their craft); REACH (as a proactive cultivator of projects and artists, prioritizing underrepresented voices and under-reported stories, centering our efforts on inclusion, discovery, and sustainability); and CHANGE (championing voices with the capacity to create cultural and social change). The Program is committed to nonfiction storytelling as an increasingly critical, impactful cultural practice and art form in the twenty-first century.

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2020Documentary Film Program$100,000 over 2 years
2019Documentary Film Program$50,000
2018Documentary Film Program$50,000
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