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re:power Fund

A team of organizers, strategists, and technologists dedicated to building transformative political power with BIPOC communities.

A cornerstone of the progressive movement, re:power Fund believes that by partnering with individuals, organizations, and coalitions across the country, they can uncover leaders within communities to create radical change. They envision a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at every level. 

re:power Fund exists to strengthen the progressive movement’s skills and infrastructure. It has a two-decade history of providing training to grassroots groups, organizations, and progressive candidates that are all designed to build long-term power, including training on digital organizing, movement technology, running a campaign, and governing once you’re elected. With over 100,000 alumni and 250 partner organizations, it is the progressive movement’s largest capacity-building and training organization.

re:power Fund was founded in 2003 as Wellstone Action Fund. As many predominantly white and white-led organizations in the progressive movement eventually do, re:power faced an internal reckoning over its identity and racial justice stance. After a challenging period that included a rebrand and significant turnover of both board and staff, new executive director Karundi Williams took the helm in 2019 and began to rebuild the organization. Under her leadership, re:power has integrated a racial and gender justice lens into all of its programming, and focuses intentionally on training and strategic support that builds inclusive and long-term political power for the movement.

The arc of re:power’s story is a testament to the importance of funding organizations going through challenging transformations, investing in infrastructure for the movement, and supporting new leaders with a strong vision for change and progress. To that end, we have also supported a new ad hoc network of more than a dozen young executive directors of color—including Karundi—who have recently stepped up into leadership so they could build relationships, share strategy, and provide mutual support.

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2022General Support$225,000 over 3 years
2020General Support$100,000 over 2 years
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