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Climate Justice Alliance

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Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a unique alliance of 56 community, frontline, and environmental justice (EJ) organizations; movement networks; and support organizations at the forefront of the climate crisis. Its mission is to build local resilience, remedy climate change’s root causes, and lead a Just Transition out of the extractive energy economy. CJA members work to address climate change’s impacts and are traditionally underrepresented constituencies, including Indigenous Peoples, African American, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander, and low-income white communities, often located near toxic, dirty energy facilities or other polluting industries.

Just Transition Principles

Learn more about CJA’s Just Transition analysis.

Download Principles

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2020COVID-19 crisis response$10,000
2018General Support$100,000 over 2 years
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