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Our partnership with the Magnum Foundation

© Alice Proujansky

We are thrilled to have been able to partner with the wonderful Magnum Foundation to feature some of its photographers’ work around our new website. The photos on this site tell a wide range of stories, encapsulating some of the joy, grief, anger, and beauty involved in working for social justice. 

The Magnum Foundation has been a close grantee partner of the Compton Foundation for a decade. The organization serves a vibrant worldwide community of documentary photographers working on social justice and human rights issues broadly defined, providing them with trainings, connections, funding, and other resources. Read more about one of the Magnum Foundation’s projects in our Climate Initiative.

We invite you to click through the photos featured around our website, which are also gathered below, and check out the photographers’ other work. In recognition of the labor of the artists who captured these moments, we have paid to license each of these photos on our website.

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