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Win Without War Education Fund

Building a better US foreign policy that favors peace, not militarism.

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Win Without War is a diverse network of activists and organizations working for a more peaceful and progressive national security and foreign policy for the United States.

The Win Without War Education Fund and its sister organization, Win Without War, work to democratize US foreign policy and provide progressive alternatives, working toward more peaceful, just, and common-sense policies that will make it possible for all people around the world to thrive.

Since establishing our current program areas in 2011, the Compton Foundation has increasingly seen our focus on peace, climate, reproductive justice, and democracy not as separate issues, but as interrelated ones. As progressive organizing in the US has become more coalitional and cross-issue, there is often still a wide gap between multi-issue domestic organizing groups and those working on foreign policy. Win Without War is a key organization working to close that gap, partnering closely with domestic organizations on issues that foreign policy impacts, and making clear what progressive values mean when applied to US foreign policy.

One key example is Win Without War’s ongoing work on the bloated Pentagon budget and its impacts on communities in the US and abroad. Win Without War and its partners have been consistent advocates for cutting the Pentagon budget and diverting funds to programs that will actually make us more secure. During the racial justice uprisings in 2020, Win Without War supported the Movement for Black Lives’ work to advance the BREATHE Act, linking their expertise in militarism abroad with M4BL’s work on militarization of police forces in communities at home.

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In 2019, Win Without War put together a list of ten core principles that must be at the heart of a truly progressive foreign policy platform.

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Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2020General Support$375,000 over 5 years
2020No War With Iran (rapid response)$20,000
2018General Support$100,000 over 2 years
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