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Beloved Economies

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Beloved Economies is sparking a mainstream conversation about how and why building an American economy that works for all will require us to come together across our differences and “co-create.” Grounded in the research that co-directors Joanna Cea and Jess Rimington have led since 2015 on multi-stakeholder, co-creative processes that lead to economic transformation, this initiative turns these findings into story-driven, accessible content that inspires and equips for action. Through a book, multimedia content, a national “listening tour,” and more, Beloved Economies lifts up the stories of everyday people who have come together to co-create boldly different economic realities for their communities, ones that are bringing more joy, balance and prosperity. The aim of this two-year initiative is to activate people across the US to co-create the new economic realities we long for and urgently need, in a way that passes a tipping point of change. This is a project of Unpack Impact (fiscal sponsor: Peace Development Fund).

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2022General Support$100,000
2022General Support$20,000
2019Activating a Beloved Economy$40,000
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