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Just Vision

Just Vision lifts up the stories of Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent leaders.

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Just Vision disrupts the mainstream media with stories from and about the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel that are often missed, believing that storytelling is essential to reshape public understanding and challenge the divisions that dominate the political landscape.

Just Vision engages the public and those who shape public discourse to boost narratives about inequality and injustice that would otherwise be neglected. Its team works with audiences in American, Israeli, and Palestinian societies, lifting up the stories of courageous grassroots leaders to ensure that they are visible within their own societies and on a global scale, challenging commonly held assumptions and inspiring audiences to get involved.

The conflict in Israel and Palestine is often seen as immutable, so entrenched that progress or meaningful shifts are simply not possible. Just Vision’s work aims to make visible the nonviolent advocacy for peace and justice that has existed for decades in Palestinian and Israeli societies, lifting up the success of that work and showing that another way is possible. In this kind of long-term effort, unrestricted and multi-year support allows for an organization to experiment, pivot, and seize opportunities as they come.

In the case of Just Vision, this allowed them to diversify their storytelling strategy to include not only documentary films and graphic novels, but also to develop a full-fledged journalistic media outlet. In 2014, Just Vision launched Local Call, a Hebrew-language news outlet created to expose Hebrew-speaking Israeli audiences to the lived experiences of Palestinian communities across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Local Call was born from the recognition that shifting narratives within Israeli society would require a concerted, day-to-day disruption of the dominant narratives perpetuated by the Israeli government and too often echoed by the mainstream Israeli media. Since its launch, Local Call has grown to reach more than 800,000 unique readers annually, has been recognized by top journalists and media players in Israel as one of the most important media outlets in Israel, and has driven coverage in major outlets locally and around the world.

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2020General Support$225,000 after 3 years
2018General Support$100,000 after 2 years
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