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The Movement Resource Project (MRP; fiscal sponsor: Tides Foundation) uses sophisticated strategies of grassroots organizing and capacity building to invest in local organizations doing cutting-edge work in vulnerable communities. MRP focuses on organizations whose work is rooted in furthering racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice, as well as building the leadership and engagement of LGBTQI persons, immigrants, youth, and people of color. MRP increases the scale and speed of its partners’ power-building by leveraging its unique role as both a donor advisor and field-building platform, investing millions of new dollars into organizing and civic engagement that is often otherwise ignored. MRP’s team makes strategic grants, gives technical assistance, matches organizations with those who can help build their capacities, and provides innovation and incubation services for emerging local and issue-based organizing across the country.

Recent grant history

YearProjectGrant Award
2021Movement Resource Project$300,000 over 3 years
2020Movement Resource Project$300,000 over 3 years
2019Movement Resource Project$50,000
2018Movement Resource Project$100,000
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